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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

1. MCU Thor may not have outrageous strength feats like Hulk or MOS Sues, but he did block and push up against a punch from an enraged Hulk in TA. Now this is what that basically entails, Hulk stopped that giant leviathan with his right arm which is the SAME arm Thor blocked and overpowered (using two hands).

So in my mind this means that Thor is strong enough to stop one of those deviations as well except he'd have to use both arms and he'd struggle considerably more. So basically Thor is about 70% as strong as Hulk, which would mean he's not as unmatched in the strength department as some might think against MOS Supes. I didn't see MOS Supes lift a single thing that Avengers Hulk couldn't easily lift, which basically means I think MC Thor could lift most of what MOS Supes lifted in the film. The only thing I'm not sure of him being able to do is go against that "gravity machine".

2. I do give MOS Supes the advantage in speed, but he didbn't utilize his speed that often in combat, hardly ever actually. Even Zod didn't really use much super speed in combat, that was mostly Faora.

3. I think Thor's lightning is more powerful than Supes heat vision, yeah Zod brought down a building but buildings aren't solid structures. Thor's lightning on the other hand destroyed 3 space whales when they were coming through that portal. It's also powerful enough to rip through concrete as seen in T:TDW's tv spots not too mention what it did to Jotunheim which wasn't very stable either but it is still a planet abduction should be much more stable that a building.

4. Supes definitely has the mobility advantage as well.

5. Thor can create tornadoes just by thinking it, as seen in Thor when he got his hammer back and that tornado started to form before he flew into the air during his fight with The Destroyer. Go watch that scene, Thor didn't do a single gesture to summon that tornado he not a spin of the hammer or anything, although he did spin it to make the winds stronger.

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