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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
All Marvel films, hell all superhero films need some humor. But I agree, Hulk should have little of it. Maybe about as much as there was in Batman Begins. Most superhero movies I have the benefit of having never been a fan of the property nor being very familiar with the mythos so I can just take the movie as it is. But Hulk and Iron Man are my fandom and so I approach their films from a much different perspective. And in Anghulk what I saw was Stan Lee's and PAD's material just getting ***-raped my AngLee and Schamus. Yes, Hulk should be serious and have a psychological aspect to it. But what good is that when Hulk isn't even allowed to be a character in his own movie and some Einstein thinks nanomeds, mutant poodles and Absorbing Dad are ok instead. Classic case of overthinking the material.
Superhero movie need humor as much as a love interest; they can certainly make the most of it, but many times they're just there because of following a formula and it's not very good.

And well, Hulk was as little of a character in Ang Lee's movie as he was in Leterrier's movie or in Avengers.

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