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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
What would you like elaborated?
You might have written a more complete review that I've missed ...

1) "Frankly if people have issues with the humour I think it comes back to the first act of the film being choppy with mishandled plot points. "
???? Would the astrophysicist streaking near stonehenge be funnier or forgiven if the first act was tighter?

2) "Ultimately some pretty serious things happen that are glossed over from Act 2 onwards."
Specifically.... the mother's death? Thor and Loki's escape? Heimdal's betrayal?

3) "The irony I think is that had the humour not been present the film would have been a lot worse because it kinda covers the flaws in the story."
You mean the points above?

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