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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
^ Great post Darth

I agree with you Supes not necessarily being stronger, because he didn'tdo anything in MOS that Thor couldn't do as well (strength wise). He just threw his strength around a lot more due to who directed the film and you people are enamored with gratuitous strength feats. The speed is definitely a factor but MOS Supes wasn't that efficient at using it, he hardly ever used it in battle and when he did it wasn't fast enough to give Thor much of a problem. Now Faora on the other hand, she speed blazed like crazy, FAR better and more often than anyone in MOS. I think Supes wasn't as adept due to his lack of fighting experience.

MOS Supes while tough also wasn't as invulnerable as some make it out to be, he was K'O'ed atleadt three times in the film, once after catching that oil tanker at sea, then during his fight with Faora and Namek, as well as after he destroyed that gravity machine.
When it comes to Supes speed, I think the hand to hand with Faora, Nam-Ek and Zod is telling. He couldn't keep up with her at first, but as the fight with Faora went on, he started matching her speed and was able to hold up against Nam-Ek and Faora at the same time. With Zod, he had the upper hand. Zod saved by a car.

If you compare it to Thor's movement, it really isn't close. Thor moves like a normal human being in the quickness department. Thor like Zod would have the training and experience in battle advantage, but I am not sure if he'd have the tools to make good use of it.

Supes is pretty invulnerable. He can be knocked down, but no real damage is done to him. The gravity machine was a problem because of the atmosphere, but again, not a scratch.

Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
I wouldn't say that. Superman's Heat vision Melted a steel I beam in under a second.

The funny thing is that any and all Mjolnir based attacks would do Hella damage amusing MOS Superman as Comic Superman's Magic weakness.
Mjolnir isn't neccessarily "magic" in the films. They have made them more of an advance alien race and apparently TDW seems to confirms this. Well, at least until Dr. Strange shows up.

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