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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
You might have written a more complete review that I've missed ...

1) "Frankly if people have issues with the humour I think it comes back to the first act of the film being choppy with mishandled plot points. "
???? Would the astrophysicist streaking near stonehenge be funnier or forgiven if the first act was tighter?
I'd probably say the scene could have been toned down and not played for laughs if there was a better first act in place. Sometimes humour is used as a defensive tool in order to cover weaknesses in story in the same way an action sequence is used. That's not to say the jokes can't be funny at the time, but it's not until afterwards you go 'hang on a second...'. However for some people the jokes don't work when they watch it, which I can understand.

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post

2) "Ultimately some pretty serious things happen that are glossed over from Act 2 onwards."
Specifically.... the mother's death? Thor and Loki's escape? Heimdal's betrayal?
Those, plus Sif's feeling about Thor, but specifically his mum's death. It's actually a good reason for Thor and Loki to go after Malekith from an emotional perspective, however there was no real Mother/Son relationship built up to that moment in this movie, or even in the previous film. The real relationship is Thor/Loki. As such there's never any sense of there being anything personal about Thor taking on Malekith, the humour toward the end of the film further dilutes that. I honestly forgot that his mum died in this movie by the time the finale came about because things started getting a little bit silly toward the end. The emotional stuff happened in the previous act with Loki.

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
3) "The irony I think is that had the humour not been present the film would have been a lot worse because it kinda covers the flaws in the story."
You mean the points above?
Pretty much. If anything I actually think the humour works in the films favour, because if it was played straight faced the film would have been easy to pick apart. I'd go so far to say the reaction would be more Man of Steel like.

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