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Default Re: iron Man's first flight or Superman's (MOS) first Flight?

Originally Posted by Tacit Ronin View Post
The scene where Stark takes off in the mark 2 for the first time or the scene where Clark takes his first flight, which of the two is the superior scene?

I must say that despite Iron Man being a superior film MOS' first flight scene is an amazing isolated scene. A perfect harmony of Zimmers' swelling score, breathtaking sound design and Zack Snyder's impeccable compositions makes for an amazing three minutes.

From a different perspective, IM (first movie ) was a great film, far superior to its sequels. Having said that I liked MOS as a film better,
but I'm a Super-fan, so I'm biased.

Anyway, what was said above, in respect of that scene I agree wholeheartedly. Yes, Iron Man was a great adaptation of the character for the screen, but from the moment the ship door opens and Cavill walks out as Superman, I remember saying to myself "Whoah, THAT is what Superman looks like." right from then , the scene was awesome.

The iron man scene was fun, and comical, but Supes first flight was a moment where the character finds himself, for the first time in his life.
Waaayyy more significant.

It's like, IM is "I'm Tony Stark, look at what I can build, a flying suit, I'm so cool. Check me out." which is fine, but MOS is like " I can fly, because this is who I am." a lot deeper. It's the first time Clark sees his powers as a gift, rather than a curse.

All IMO of course, but that's how I see it.

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