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Th Smile Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

First, that's more like it Thor fans ! Big ups to Darth and Big Thor for taking the debate to the next level.

Even some scientific data for heat vision vs lightning, nice.

I would like to add.

1) I strongly disagree with anyone who suggests Thor is as strong as Supes.

E.g. Nam Ek throws a locomotive about half a mile at Supes, they are comparable in terms of strength, so we can assume Supes could do the same. Could Thor do that ? I don't think we see him lift anything near
that in terms of weight.

Zod kicked a tanker truck across the road at Supes, almost casually. Supes being even stronger than Zod, could easily do the same.
Thor ?

2) invulnerability: Supes was hit by the above locomotive, and re-entered the atmosphere, and was smashed through several skyscrapers with nary a hair out of place.

Thor was slammed into a hillside by Kurse, then had a boulder smashed into him and then was well on his way into being pounded into hamburger, until Loki intervened. So, it looks like invulnerability advantage to Supes.

3) speed: I concede that Supes is pretty crap at using his super speed. (even in the comics). In MOS he seemed to be capable of incredible bursts of speed, but nothing sustained (except flight).
Now Faora, she would **** up Thor with her fighting skills, strength and speed !

4) heat vision vs lightning. Well Darth 's numbers are hard to argue with, heat vision is hotter. But Supes isn't the kind of guy to incinerate Thor (or cut him in half, like Zod cut that building in half with a short burst of h-vis).
Lightning would be tough for Supes to dodge, being so unpredictable and it would certainly hurt him.....but humans survive lightning strikes every year, so it ain't going to kill him. Malekith was burnt by lightning, but survived.

on the subject of the Space whales, Iron man took one out by flying thru it, and in terms of power, he's a guy in a suit of armour, so maybe they ain't so tough. The hulk stopping one in flight was pretty impressive.

Supes was knocked down for a few seconds by a blast from the scoutship (in Smallville) that pretty much vaporized a jet.

All in all, I doubt Thor's lightning would kill Supes, but I'm sure it could stun/hurt him. However, in MOS he seems to recover very quickly.

5) Tornadoes: Would definitely be a good distraction, but since Supes could fly up the gravity beam (while weakened by the world engine) he could probably deal with them.

No one has dared to take on "Could Supes lift mjolnir ?" because I think that's the most decisive part of any Thor v Supes fight.

Thanks again for kicking it up a notch people. ! I think there are definitely arguments that Thor could, in the right circumstances, defeat Superman.
So go for it !

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