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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Strength - You're ignoring something that I've said a thousand times but everyone.chooses to ignore, Thor CAUGHT A PUNCH FROM THE HULK THE SAME ARM THAT STOPPED THE SPACE WHALE. It doesn't matter how tough they are, were talking about several thousands of tons here, that was a huge strength feat. So with that being said Thor should have enough strength to do the same except using both arms.

So why in the world would Thor not be able to throw a measly truck or even a locomotive which is still lightweight compared to the tonnage of Hulk's punch?

Invulnerability - Yeah Kurse left Thor a few surface scars nothing major, but you're forgetting the fact that Thor was UNSCATHED by a point blank semi-nuclear sized explosion when he destroyed the bi frost in Thor. Not to mention a several point blank range blast from Odin's spear without a single scratch, scrape, or bruise. As well as falling 30,000 feet from THE Helicarrier damaged, and being scraped against a mountainside by Iron Man again he got up from all these things literally in perfect condition.

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