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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Pretty much and it's just as sad each time, it shows that people enjoy complaining more than praising.

Damn humans, so petty....and tiny
BigThor, I don't think that is fair. Especially when one of the reasons why the other thread has so much traction is that many are in there arguing over the merits of the film. If you could simply post what you didn't like without having to justify it, like you can pretty much do in this thread, then I don't think it would be so much bigger.

Here is an example.

This thread.
"I love the final battle."

"I agree, it is awesome."

The other thread.
"I didn't love the comedy."

"Didn't you see the ads, there was always going to be comedy."

See how one would spark more discourse?

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