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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
I'm not defending anything at the moment. This board has been monopolized by a minority opinion over 3-4 different threads. This has nothing to do with my own personal opinion because I have yet to see the movie, but the one I pointed out on Rotten Tomatoes.

You guys are freakin' relentless ........ I mean it's like a campaign. It proves my point that anyone negative about something is far more likely to keep repeating themselves than someone with something positive to say.
Don't you think the reason for that is whenever someone criticises something, some people react with "You're a hater!!" or "You're biased, you just want Nolan movies!!" ?

Actually, most of the repeating is due to having to explain yourself all the time when people attack you!

Also, most of the "complaints" that you're complaining about is in a thread that's dedicated to what people didn't like about the film, that you created yourself and that you have posted several times in (meaning: you can't really whine about the amount of pages when you youself contribute to it).

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