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Default Re: Battle of The Henchmen 2013

All hail our beloved Sub Commander Faora-Ul. By the star tears of Rao we will see her again. If not... "A good death is it's own reward."

It's funny but my comments on her when I first saw MOS was that she would win Henchman of the year, if ever such an award were to be given. And here we are.

I loved how Traue was charming and charismatic, and of course SUPER hardcore but I don't think she actually overshadowed the lead antagonist or the lead protagonist. Yet there were glimpses of depth and perhaps a warrior's soulfulness too. She claimed no morality, but we also saw her sobbing over the corpse of her homeworld. And when it comes to styling threads, Faora's Kryptonian military armor and Earth contact suit looked superb. When it came to action, MOS was the king this year (haters, hate all you want, in your heart of hearts, you KNOW it to be true). Her super speed martial arts moves and vicious efficiency were jaw droppingly insane. More to the point, Faora was never a second banana joke for one moment. She's a threat to Superman and his allies right until the end.

I hope somebody snatches up Traue for something like a part in the next Bond film, at least. My dream is to see Faora, played by Traue returning in a Brainiac centric Superman film. Having the character team up with Superman and perhaps Supergirl would be satisfying to the max.

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