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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
It's obviously true since you complain about people who criticise.

Damn petty human.

No but seriously, it's not like one "enjoys" complaining. Why do you think that? Most of the time it's a matter of having to explain yourself time and time again because some people just can't accept that some others didn't like something as much as them.
Check my numerous posts since this film was announced, my praise far outweigh my complaints. Honestly no one's forcing you to keep repeating yourself, EVERYONE knows exactly how you feel about the film.

I didn't care for the Green Lantern so when I saw I stated my piece and left it alone. Why on earth do people want to be in a thread and discuss a movie they didn't like overall? What in the hell is going on here, when I see a film I don't like I try to forget it not relive it over and over.

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