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Default Re: What didn't you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Why? For the ones that routinely don't like the Marvel product, why do the insist on watching them? Is it so that they can come here and let everybody know every day for weeks on end after a new movie release?
Is that what is really going on here though? I can see a little Fox and DC bias (Spidey fans drive each other nuts in their own forum most of the time ), but I don't think there are many who outright dislike Marvel Studios. More discussing how they think it could be improved. I honestly don't think many actually spend money to go see a film in the theater just so they can complain.

Now I can understand if you think it is getting repetitive, though the best way to solve that imo is to ignore it. Less to talk about if there is no argument really. People are seeing TDW, many seem to like it, the critics like it so far, and the OS numbers look great and we will be seeing it in less then a week. No real problem imo.

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