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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Just answer me this and I'm through, what sane person continuously reaches a film they didn't like over and OVER. When most people see a film they don'like, they simply state their reasons for not liking it and move along.

Not post in a forum pertaining to said film day in and day out reliving those same feelings of disappointment and unsatisfaction.
Outside of basing of course, here are some reasons I have found.

First, lets not forget where we are. We aren't "normal" people when it comes to this material. We can't just say we like it or not. We become very invested in it. Study trailers, photos, audition scripts. We spend years dissecting this stuff. We make it personal. And from there many things happen.

If you really care about the material, you could simply be venting. That is what the Green Lantern forum was like after its release.

Some are film fans who like to break stuff down and discuss it with other like minded folk. Couldn't really do that in the Bat forums, though TASM saw a lot of this if I remember correctly.

And the most usual imo, is the meeting between the "fanboy" and the "critic". Both sides wait for confrontation and when one is presented each "needs" to defend their side as right. We make it far to personal. This was huge in the MoS forums, and I was sadly apart of a lot of it.

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