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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
Because I love the characters and I like the Phase I movies. It's a discussion board, it's not exclusive to those who love this film. And when people attack your opinions, they force people to defend their own opinions (and their rights to speak about them).

You always assume the worst of people and give them some kind of label that you make up. Oh, one thought there was too much comedy? NOLAN FANBOY!!! That's so stupid and immature and shows that you have nothing to bring up really.

Again, it's a discussion board. It's not exclusive to those who loved the film. Read what I said to Big Thor. It's also in a thread you yourself created where people can discuss things they didn't like about the film. If people don't want to discuss positive things here, then that's their own fault.
With or without these "attacks" you would still be here rebashing the same critizisms
and displeasures every day. Yes it is a discussion forum not meant be exclusively negative or exclusively positive, but all you talk about are your dislikes. You really don't see how that could be viewed as trying to ruin everyone's excitement of the film? Let's be reasonable here...

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