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Default Re: Battle of The Henchmen 2013

Faora, for the simple reason she's a bad-ass, scary, yet slinky at the same time. She exudes cool and attitude, come on " A good death is
it's own reward." she follows orders to the letter, she's the perfect hench-person.

She's got a dark, wicked sense of humour, those deep blue eyes, and that sardonic little smile, just before she wipes out a platoon of soldiers before you can blink.

Also, she'd kick seven kinds of **** out of all the other henchmen, Kurse included. She's rip of his head and jam it up his ass. Gotta think she's nearly as strong as Superman and as fast, but much more skilful in hand-to-hand combat. The woman nearly takes out a jet, and takes a heat-seeking missile in the face but is merely stunned.

Just think, imagine a woman who's 5'7" and maybe 120 pounds, kicking the crap out of a guy who's 6'2" and 225. That's impressive, and that's the best comparison for the scenes where Faora bashes Superman around like a kid !

And that's only part of the reason to vote Faora, not including her aura of cool. 'Nuff said !

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