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Sorry Avengers, TDK all the way.

TDK is a complex deconstruction of the super-hero genre.
ultimately it shows why super-heroes don't exist in the real world.

It has a few flaws, but Ledger's Joker is superb (although Hiddleston in
TDW is simply brilliant, not as scary, but fun to watch, but in Avengers
he's not quite there yet).

Bale's Batman is a complicated, troubled, angry character (unlike the comic book Batman, he's not a genius, scientist, ninja, mechanic, he's got a few of those skills, but he's a much more believable character who needs to rely on others for help).

By comparison the Avengers are very one-dimensional characters.
There's just not much to them. Captain America has two dimensions,
feeling out of place (for five minutes) and then being sanctimonious.
Thor is downright idiotic, quite sad considering how good Hemsworth was in Thor and Thor TDW. Loki is just kind of smarmy and bitter - not even close to Hiddleston's terrific performance in TDW (which was the best thing in the film for me, and I really enjoyed TDW).

Also, Nolan's film has brilliant pace, mood and builds tension to sensational climax.

Whedon's Avengers is very showy, and has some nice comic touches, but there are bits that really don't make sense. It entertains us with brilliant special effects and action set pieces, but that's a distraction from the fact that other than Robert Downey jr, the rest of the cast are pretty much wasted -except maybe the guy who plays Phil Coulson.

I'm not saying Avengers wasn't a good flick, definitely Marvel's best for 2012, (and maybe slightly better than Dark Knight Rises), but not as good as The Dark Knight.

If 10/10 is the perfect film, Dark Knight 9/10, Avengers 8/10.

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