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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

Okay, stuff the negativity-about-negativity, I just saw the film and this is what I liked!
  • Loki. Yep, he was great. Loved his bitter dry sarcasm and turning on a dime. I wanted more onscreen. The drama with Thor seemed to be the heart of the movie - whereas the ostensible actual romance was sweet but not so memorable. Thor was great too, but he didn't have as much of a character journey here. Very charismatic though. Jane was better than in the first Thor movie.
  • The scope of Asgard. Holy s**t, this is what I dreamed of after the first movie, seeing more of this, and it looked so much bigger and grander and more populated to me (I wasn't as big a fan of the first set.)
  • The final fight flipping through wormholes was a lot of fun, and even funny.
  • Odin. Posing with ravens, losing it at Loki, losing it at Jane, telling Thor he can do better, and stfu I'm still the king; he was imposing and over-the-top in the best way.
  • The Dark Elf spaceships looked pretty effing cool.
  • Kurse was legit scary.
  • Frigga. She kicked arse, she was nice to Jane, and her scene with Loki was great.
  • Selvig. Oh man he was funny. Tragic, and funny.
  • Darcy. Love her. Loved her kiss near the end where she's clutching Ian who saved her life yet she's the one bending him back to kiss him.
  • Sif. Not enough Sif. I just really like her, okay.
  • The way the movie didn't take itself too seriously.
  • The breadth of the movie - so much was fit into a short runtime - it was a feast of experiences and vistas.
  • That cliffhanger.

Okay, off to the negativity-fest thread to post there, but overall I loved this film and am going to see it a couple more times at the cinema!

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