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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Originally Posted by J.Howlett View Post
Actually, I think Man of Steel and The Dark World are consistent in what they wanted to achieve. I just think the Dark World had the potential to be more than what it is and you can see it within the framework of the edit. It's too fast. Nothing holds weight because we're rushing to the next thing. And the comedy placement in the second half doesn't help matter.

Having said that, when it does work (especially visually), it's quite enjoyable to watch. The cast is giving it their all and I do love the implications of the ending when it comes to the two lead characters.

But, I think Man of Steel fully reaches it's potential for almost all of it. I think the Dark World doesn't. And I don't really think it's Taylor's fault that it doesn't.

Have you seen his interviews? Boy, does he not look all that thrilled with the cut that's released.
We disagree then because MoS so often says one thing and shows the contrary. They said a lot of things about Krypton but the only thing that they didn't contradict was that it was going to blow up. They also manage to make Clark/Superman seem less heroic at times and actually putting people in danger instead. I dont think Goyer really understands how it makes Superman look when he actually takes the superpowered fight to Smallville. These are the things that I don't think are intended and therefor it doesn't become what it's supposed to be.

If you think that TDW is paced too quickly I'd still take managing to show what's intended in quick pace over contradicting itself often. It still allows TDW to be what it wants to be. I agree that the humor lowers the impact of some things, but MoS manages to jump away from important things as well. Supes grieves for Zod a few seconds before it becomes a romantic scene, and no one cares about Metropolis being destroyed.

As for Taylor, I haven't seen anything that indicates that he's unhappy with the movie itself. He doesn't like the mid-credits scene but that's about it. Even when he criticized that he said that it's the only thing he doesn't want to take credit for. He's also said several times how the run time hasn't been an issue at all, which would indicate that your issue with the movie being fast paced is what he wanted.

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