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Default Re: SUPER UBER SPOILERMANIA: The Ending... What Does It Mean?

Originally Posted by J.Howlett View Post
I thought it was painfully obvious that it was Loki in disguise.

Yeah, while I had to wipe away a tear when Loki died, I thought that his plan was really good. Of course I knew that he faked his death somehow. The only way how he could escape his cell. Cause Thor told him he'll be there again after revenging their mothers death lol. He faked his death with one illusion, shape-shifted into one of the guards and returned to Asgard. Maybe he used another shape to sneak into Odins chambers and overpower him.

How did he do that? How did he trick Odin and defeat him? I think he might have used the essence to gain power or he used another tool/magic weapon. Odin is not death. He would not kill him. Maybe he also used the essence or one of those portal granades to remove Odin into another world or dimension where no one would look for him.

Right when Loki / Odin spoke to Thor I knew something was wrong here. Odin wouldn't be like that. That was obviously out of character. I didn't even expect Loki behind this, I kinda thought the writers messed him up lol.

My theory about future movies: Loki is continuing his secret reign and allows Thor to stay in Midgard. The more time he is not in Asgard the better. Maybe he'll cut off the way back again. This might lead to Robert Rodi's Loki (aka Blood Brothers).

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