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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
True but at least in those other films they ended up being well received, crowd pleasing films and that leaves hope for future films to be made where they might eventually get it right. I still say we have yet to see Hulk as he truly should be on screen, let alone delve into his other incarnations such as Joe Fixit. But Avengers came the closest.
Yes, but I said it because not being a character (I somehow disagree but let's say it's 100% true) is far from being Ang Lee's movie exclusive thing.

Now from what we've seen, I don't think making Hulk speak is anywhere near the minds of the producers and film makers (I'm assuming a speaking Hulk is what you mean by 'Hulk being a character.' If it's not I apologize). If anything, I think they'll say, 'so, Hulk was successful in Avengers because there was lots of jokes. Therefore we need a comedy Hulk movie.' They have made three movies with Hulk in them and he's far from becoming a speaking role.

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