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Default Re: Official Random X-Men One-Shots and Specials Thread

I mean, it honestly felt like nothing really happened. Also, those future "brotherhood" and later "X-Men" characters kept talking about this unspeakable future, to the point where it got really annoying, and then never even teased us with a single detail or flash-forward. Without seeing what would motivate future Xorn/Jean to be so ruthless and crazy, the story lost all importance and was just silly.

And so many deaths, of future mutants. Whoopie. No one cares. I'm not asking for someone in our current timeline to die for it to have meant something, but I think it would have been incredible if one of the past 5 died. Would future and present versions cease to exist? How would it change the timeline? What would people do to attempt to change that/make it right?

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