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Wink Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
There's nothing indicating that Thor is knocked out by Kurse, he just can't get up as Kurse hits so hard. You'll notice that Thor gets right up after Kurse is taken out and shows no more sign of injury than a few cuts.

He is knocked out one time though, when he disrupts the Aether ritual at the end. That's hard to compare to any other superhero though as that power is beyond any of them.

And just to comment on the thread, I don't think anyone that almost dies from an asthma attack because the air gets a bit different has any right to win this fight. Thor is a jock, Superman is a nerd.

Oh-ho, so it's like that ! Asthma huh ? Well, you admitted in your post, that Thor got KO'ed by an Elf, come on, on the face of it, that's not a very tough look. LOL.

I need to see TDW again, which I'm looking forward to, as it was a great
watch the first time, and I reckon I'll like it even more the second time,
BUT it certainly looked to me that if Loki hadn't intervened Kurse would have beaten Thor to death. It's not that he's just hitting hard, it's that
Thor can't fight back because he's getting seriously messed up.

Hard to tell, but Thor certainly wasn't fighting
back -personally, I can't see you guys arguing that Thor was just trying to lull Kurse into a false sense of security, or try to injure Kurse's fists with his face, or maybe he was waiting for Kurse's arms got tired from pounding on him - because if you do, then really Loki didn't need to step in. Obviously, given the ending, Loki didn't die (thank goodness, as while Thor's a good lead, Loki's the best character in the franchise), but I do get the feeling that he did actually try to save Thor from Kurse, regardless of his motivations, that's a reasonably noble act.

In fact, if Loki didn't need to step in, he probably wouldn't have. All this suggests that Thor was in serious trouble. Which is good, because if the main character's don't look like they're under a serious threat, then nobody cares what happens (like those godawful Star Wars prequels,
who gave a **** when Qui-Gon died ? not me). That's the brilliance,
of the Lord of the Rings films (especially the first one), when the characters are running away from every Orc in the world, you really get a sense of "They're screwed ! How are they going to get out of this one?"
and pretty much every person who I talked to, who thought that, had read the book (myself included). That's just good storytelling.

so on that note, I thought that Kurse had to be a legitimate threat to Thor (he certainly is in the comics), and that's good, because it makes the story (and thus the movie better).
If you argue that Thor wasn't really in trouble, it diminishes the film.

And now, because you made that asthma comment, I have to
get a bit silly again....

....Superman takes a beating from 2 Kryptonians, gets knocked out, but then recovers, smacks them around and gets up without a scratch ( I concede that showing a bit of blood would have been appropriate at this point). Next time Thor gets hit by a locomotive thrown from half-a mile away, or slammed through a couple of buildings until he hits a bank-vault, or re-enters Earth's atmosphere from space (while fighting somebody..... 30,000 feet, hah ! that's nothing) maybe I'll concede he's got a decent chance against Supes.

BTW on the worthiness front, Odin says "Whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy shall possess the power of Thor." Hard to say that Supes ain't gonna be worthy,(hmmm...saved Earth, kids on the bus, only kills as a last resort) but also clearly Odin's a bit sexist, as "he" seems to suggest that WW wouldn't be worthy - kidding of course, she's more than worthy.

Really enjoying all the Asgardi-fans and their defence of Thor,
if you see a big hammer around, make sure you pick it up because
y'all are worthy !

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