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Default Re: iron Man's first flight or Superman's (MOS) first Flight?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
That is an interesting argument. that you prefer IM because you could
one day do that too.

I believe you are fully entitled to your opinion. But your reason for holding that opinion seems to raise some logical issues.

1) Are you familiar with the superhero paradigm ? Often the "super" refers to the fact that they possess abilities that normal humans do not, and could never have. In saying it's been done before, well, Superman was the first super-hero, he's been around for 75 years so actually, he did it first.

2) If you can only enjoy a character's exploits because of the "we can too" factor, then you must not really enjoy the triumphs of Thor, Spider-man, or the Hulk. Surprisingly people often do enjoy seeing Wolverine win fights, despite the fact he's functionally unkillable.

In the same way, many enjoy Superman immensely, although he defies most of the laws of physics or biology. We can never be like him, but we can still enjoy his stories.
(e.g. his first flight being an important moment in the character's development where he first comes to terms with his alien heritage, and accepts his true identity)

So, in summary, saying you prefer IM to MOS because you just enjoyed it more is cool. But, if it's because of the "we can too" factor (are you a billionaire, genius, playboy, with a completely impossible fusion reactor in your chest ? ok, then let's put that aside) anyway, you are limiting yourself to a very small portion of the superhero genre.

Personally, I hated Harry Potter, but several billion people disagreed with me, despite the fact that none of them had functional wands, invisibility cloaks or could speak to snakes.

In closing, I would argue that the precise reason people like those stories, is because they don't have those amazing, but imaginary things.
A lot of us like superheroes, not because we'd like them to be like us, but because we'd like to be like them.
Hmm, it's not entirely true that being a superhero has to be unrealistic. Batman and James Bond use (almost) realistic realistic gadget & skills to defeat their foes, and these heroes captures mainstream adults' interest better than those classical superheroes like Superman or Thor. Because their "superheroic" feats, which are not entirely out of this world, are doable.

Most adults want to be like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or some savvy righteous political figures instead of donning cape as Superman. Adults are over the impossible of classical, fantasy superheroes and looking forward what's doable and still inside the realism sphere. Now Iron Man is not exact realism with the chest reactor (but IM is not all about chest reactor if you read the comics), but the premise of a human inside an exosuit doing extraordinary feats is not entirely farfetched. The US army is looking to develop its own Iron Men in the near future.

I don't want to start a prolonged debate not which superhero type is the best for all of us. For me it's the realistic one because having the chance, I don't want to be just a spectator I want to be in the driver seat. I'm a technology aware adult (programmer by trade) who believes tech is the only realistic way to improve lives (including paying my salary ) and do extraordinary things. It's through tech that people can "fly" and have moon landings. So it's only natural Batman and especially the tech geared IM are my kind of superheroes. It's not to say that I don't like fantastic superheroes, but I've somewhat grown over them. Let's say I'm interested more on what is achievable than what is totally fiction.

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