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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
It will be interesting to see how Thor takes on an enemy with super-speed like Quicksilver, if he even does at all. Because right now, I'm imagining that he wouldn't have a chance against Faora. And she has more abilities than just super-speed.

Dude, I knew Faora would show up at some point !

While Supes is stronger (sorry Thor fans, it's just the way it is) and more invulnerable (again, sorry), Thor definitely has a massive edge in fighting skills (he's been kicking ass for hundreds of years). Speed is probably the factor that tips the balance back in Supes favour, but both in the comics and in the movies, he's usually pretty crap at utilising it.
It's almost like he forgets he can move faster than the eye can see, most of the time.

But Faora....different story ! A highly-skilled hand-to-hand fighter, she'd be comparable to Thor, but also much stronger and more invulnerable. What would really make the difference is how effective she is at using her speed. She performs most of her attacks at super-speed, sorry Thor, but
as tough as you are, she'd be hitting faster than you could react to.

Also add in her total ruthlessness, Supes will kill as a last resort, but killing someone is Faora's opening move. Thor would be in serious trouble against Faora (she does a better job of beating up Supes than Zod does).
She is one serious bad-ass. Wearing that kryptonian armour, I don't think
Thor would do well against Faora at all, in fact she'd probably be able to
take on the Avengers, possibly more easily than Superman.

Thor's advantage would be flight, but we can assume if Faora ever got out of the phantom zone, she'd probably work out how to fly pretty quickly, and possibly heat vision too.

But sticking to Superman, I'm on team Clark, but I believe that Thor's skills would be a great leveller. What's more important than speed is timing, in a fight. I've fought guys (no, not in a super-hero context) but in full contact karate matches, who weren't as fast as me, but had better timing. Your attacks just don't have the same impact, and your defences don't work well against somebody who can read your timing -that comes with experience, and in Thor's case, big, big edge (don't know how old he is, but if Asgardians live for thousands of years, as TDW suggests then he's probably 500+ years old).

Also, Thor can be quite creative with his powers. (although when pushed he tends to resort to smashing things with mjolnir), but in Avengers and in Thor, he showed some clever moves using his weather-control, and directed lighting strikes. Ideally, Thor would want to fight as close as possible, to negate the speed/mobility advantage - but even in an open space he could use those weather effects to disorient/distract Supes and get in some good shots.

Mjolnir could certainly deflect heat vision, if it was able to deflect the Destroyer's blasts (which had pretty much the same effect).

The comic book Thor is a bit of a dumbass, but Hemsworth's thor had a more serious and thoughtful side in TDW, which would make him a much better adversary for MOS Superman (comic book Superman, different story, as he's a lot more powerful, Superman Prime for example isn't vulnerable to magic, so he'd squash Thor, he's pretty much taken on the justice league and the Green lantern corps at the same time - but that
makes him kind of boring ! Kind of wish DC would kill him off, there are already enough evil versions of Superman around).

Anyway, Cav-El vs HemsThor, is turning out to be a lot of fun.
Thanks people !

Here's one for the Asgardi-fans:

While I wouldn't mind having a Budweiser and checking out a Football
game or a few innings of the Royals with Clark (although in MOS he has to do the dishes first), at the same time Thor would probably be more fun to go drinking with (actually for that matter Erik Selvig would be fun to go drinking with ). And with Thor's looks, you'd probably attract a bigger crowd of female fans. So edge there for Thor, too.

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