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Default The Official VFX companies on BvS: Dawn of Justice

I think it's likely that Snyder will commission MPC and Double Negative to do work on this. However, someone said that one of the reasons for Superman's suit design in MOS was because Weta had some input or suggestions for it. And now, it's undergoing some changes for God knows what.

Also, some of the art directors for this have worked with ILM on big films like Transformers, Star Trek, Poseidon, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I may be reading too much into this, but is ILM going to work on this too? They might be too wrapped up with work on Star Wars: Episode VII if that starts filming next spring as expected, though.

Anyone else have any firm ideas, or even better, links? WB's not wasting any time getting this underway, I'm surprised we haven't heard anything about the visual effects companies being attached already.

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