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Default Re: iron Man's first flight or Superman's (MOS) first Flight?

Adults are over the impossible of classical, fantasy superheroes and looking forward what's doable and still inside the realism sphere. "
As I find that a tad condescending, and also factually unsupportable.
I will take this opportunity to respond.

On that note, if you like "realistic" superheroes, you will really enjoy
Batman Earth one - if you can believe in genius, billionaire, forensic
scientist, mechanic, chemical engineer, athlete, detective ninjas.

I love Batman, and my wife's favourite TV show is Person of Interest,
which has basically split Batman into two people the fighter/detective
and the scientist/genius/billionaire, and even that is a bit far-fetched.

Anyway Feel free to read or ignore what follows. It is not a personal attack, on you or your taste, but it is a rebuttal of your assertion.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Your statement

"Adults are over the impossible of classical, fantasy superheroes and looking forward what's doable and still inside the realism sphere."

is simply not correct.

Personally, I'd rather be Superman than Steve Jobs or Barack Obama any day. And, personally, I prefer escapist entertainment, because if I want to see what's possible, I turn on the news.
I suspect the billions of Harry Potter fans are with me on that one, btw, many of them are adults, although I don't like Harry Potter, so perhaps Lord of the Rings is a better analogy. When I last visited the Weta cave, there were a lot more adults in there than kids.

Anyway, if Adults were really over such things (let's pretend Harry Potter didn't exist), WBros and Disney would not have an audience for their super-hero films, (the billion dollars made by the Avengers say otherwise) or the Fast and Furious films for that matter, which violate Newtonian laws in the most outrageous ways. Or perhaps Star Wars, because lightsabres, telekinesis-precognition-telepathy (the Force), ghosts, aliens seem to be outside what's "doable". Didn't you like Star Wars, Chief Chirpa ? The argument that we like those things as kids
and then get over them, is equally fallacious, given the number of
adults who went to see the Star Wars prequels.

If you really want to go down that rabbit hole, you might consider how many adults conform to belief systems that involve omnipotent anthropomorphic beings, and demi-gods who can return to life, after being nailed to trees. Or the billion or so hindu, whose pantheon includes a god with an elephant head. By your argument, adults should be "over" that.

So, while you are completely entitled to like what you like, and more power to you, your assertion that unrealistic entertainment is not the domain of adults is thus not borne out by facts.

There are of course, plenty of adults who do not enjoy unrealistic escapism, but to make a general statement that adults are over such
things is utterly wrong.


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