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Default Re: Spiderman in the Avengers "world"?

There could always be a "blink or you'll miss them" references to the MCU in the Spider-Man movies. You could easily have the following:

- A Halloween scene where Peter is at the door and he sees some kids dressed in costume. And some of the kids are dressed as Avengers.
- A scene in college where we see a college student reading on a bench outside and he's reading a book about the Howling Commandos.
- View of New York with Stark Tower in it.
- Kids in the park playing with some action figures. Among those action figures include Avengers action figures.

it doesn't have to be direct. It can be for a few seconds.

And if he was in the MCU, I'd prefer he be with the street level heroes rather than the Avengers, but that's just me.

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