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Default Re: SUPER UBER SPOILERMANIA: The Ending... What Does It Mean?

For an interesting and well done plot twist, see Loki's "death" in Thor The Dark World
For something daft and annoying, see the "Mandarin is an actor" reveal in IM3

I thought for a while that Loki had really sacrificed himself and was really satisfied with the idea of that. Of course, it did mean no more Tom as Loki, which is a bit of a let down.

But when I saw that guard looking for Thor and Loki and then saw him again reporting to Odin. I did think to myself "Hmmmmm, could that be our boy Loki?"

And it was!

Anyway, to answer the question...

My guess is that Loki has either managed to place Odin into a forced Odin Sleep or that Loki did indeed die and went to Hel. Whereupon he strikes a deal with Hela, to have Odin take Loki's place in Hel.
To what end? Perhaps Hela has a plan to take over Asgard? I don't know.
Another possibility is that Odin is in such deep grief and pain, he has surreptitiously given the throne to Loki.
However, I would find that to be the weakest way of depicting Loki's taking of the throne.

My preference is for Hela to have some involvement in Loki's return and rise to the throne.

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