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Default Re: What did you LIKE and ENJOY about Iron Man 3 [SPOILERS]

Originally Posted by Juicy J View Post
He saved thirteen people from falling to their deaths... what's not heroic about that.
When US soldiers overseas save people in the Middle East, do you call the General that gave them the order heroic? You call the soldiers themselves heroic, because they were the ones risking their lives. We commend them everyday (rightfully so) for putting their lives on the line for our great country.

When Tony sent that missile through the wormhole, he was heroic. Same for when Cap crashed into the ocean to sink the Tesseract, or when Banner fell out of the sky to stop Abomination, or when Thor was willing to sacrifice himself to save Jane and the people of Earth from the Destroyer.

Sending what is essentially a drone in to save lives is all well and good, but I wouldn't classify it as heroic. He has nothing on the line.

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