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Default Superhero movies in oversea markets

Superhero movies used to be thought as a very U.S. preferences type of film.This can be certificated by the gross ratio between North America market and oversea markets.Superhero movies such as TDK,BB,X1,2,3, WO,FF,Spiderman1,2,IM1,2,Thor,TCA,T all have a rato close to 1:1.Even some movies takes more in North America market .
But in recent years there are some changes,some superhero movies like TASM have a ratio more close to 1:2.This year this record have been broken again.The The Wolverine has a ratio 1:2.2.That's really an unusual ratio,That may close to some global movie franchise such as Harry Potter,and James Bond movies.In terms of audiences'taste in superhero movies , do differences between America and foreign countries really exist?

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