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Default Re: (Speculation) Captain America III: Fallen Son (The Death of Captain America)?

Yeah, doing the Death of Captain America has nothing to do with Evans' contract, appearance in Avengers 3 or whether or not he'll be recast.

I think doing the Fallen Son/Rebirth Of Captain America/Time Gem Storyline would be genius. It's risky, but it doesn't actually take anything away from anything. It also requires that Steve Rogers appear in every film. It also helps explore his character better when we get a very strong story point of flashbacks, and emphasizes him as a man out of time.

It would be riskier than doing an original story that only focuses on Steve, because it would require everyone to accept Bucky Cap before Cap's resurrection is revealed. Bucky would have to figure into Avengers 2 somehow for it to work. But it also sounds like the smart move, because it's one of Cap's most popular storylines, and others like Captain America No More and Man out of Time have themes that will be explored well in other films. You could go in a more War and Remembrance direction with political commentary woven through Nazi Vampires, but I'm not sure that kind of genre mixing will vibe with movie audiences as well, especially outside of a team-up film. It didn't work with Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and believe it or not, Lincoln still has more name recognition than the star spangled avenger.

It also sets up very well for Bucky's death in Avengers 3 'Fear Itself' style, when super soldier/SHIELD director Cap has to rejoin the fight. I dunno, I see it man, it looks awesome from here.

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