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Default Re: Am I the only one who is pro-Special Editions?

I don't mind that Lucas wanted to "finish/correct" the trilogy. Some of the changes are appropriate and make sense. However, it's the bad choices that keep me from liking the special editions. The reasoning for Han to shoot Greedo in self-defense is flimsy; to make Han look less like a scoundrel? The same guy who tells the hero to stick the revolution up his ass, he's only in it for the money? Please. Then there's the new Emperor in TESB. He shocks Vader with the truth of Luke being the son of Skywalker. Earlier in the movie, Vader says "That is the system and I'm sure Skywalker is there with them." So, what, is Skywalker a common name around the galaxy? It's all this afterthought that contradicts decisions made 30 years ago that I find to be detrimental to the movies.

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