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Default Re: Spiderman in the Avengers "world"?

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
By all accounts, Sony and Disney/Marvel have a terrific relationship when it comes to Spidey. Though Disney would obviously prefer to have full ownership over the character, the two studios were able to close deals regarding animation and tie-in merchandise that gives Disney/Marvel, in effect, a controlling interest. Marvel is releasing an "Art Of" hardcover for Amazing Spider-Man - the first for a non MCU film - and will have stores stocked with film related merchandise in the summer of 2014, sharing space with Cap and the Guardians.

People are speculating on when, not if, Spidey joins the MCU because it makes too much sense economically to join forces. I'm thinking it will be after 2018, post ASM3 and Avengers 3, and the character to join the MCU will be Miles Morales. But I would be very shocked if Sony and Disney/Marvel didn't reach an agreement within the next five years.
That line right there, beginning to end, is BS. You can speculate as if it's a given all you want but that doesn't make it so. Also it makes ZERO Sense economically on Sony's side. They stand to make much more doing Spidey solo films

People who watch Spider-man and the Avengers are not two different audiences. If ASM3 would make 700 mil and A3 would make 1300 mil than doesn't mean a spidey avenger film would be 2000 mil...more like...1500 mil. And even then, when you factor in costs etc Sony wouldn't see anywhere near that 700 million it could have made. It makes sense for Marvel but NOT Sony

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