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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

Any reboot would be a Star Wars esque 8-10 years post official X-Men non-spinoff film. Fox would wait until the absolute last year before they'd lose the rights or whatever, and we know they hold these movies indefinitely as long as spinoffs are sandwiched in there.

They will never, EVER rehash X-Men on film with a reboot THAT FEATURES the same Xavier/Magneto conflict from the OT, only with a more up to date version, for at least another 40 plus years. While a reboot could seemingly be in order with a different thematic perspective, I don't feel it is necessary. X-Factor isn't the direction I'd take that, however. That's more spinoff territory, and the original roster would clearly be branded more as X-Men than it would a spinoff, from the GA perspective. Ultimately another unneccessary exercise.

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