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Default Re: Will Hawkeye Still be a Part of SHIELD in AoU?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Yeah, go ahead and tell me what "murder" Hulk caused in the movies. Hulk only targeted people --- almost invariably soldiers, mercenaries, and cops, i.e., trained professionals --- who tried to kill him; he didn't run around killing civilians. And *they* were the instigators of the violence, not Hulk. In Hawkeye's case, *he* was the bad guy who led unprovoked attacks on the Helicarrier and on a dinner party at a German museum. Huge difference behind the methodology in that, versus being a misunderstood monster on the lam from the army.

If Hawkeye can get mind-controlled once to turn on his comrades, he can get mind-controlled again. That makes him a definite security risk. Nick Fury sure as hell isn't the kind of director who'd okay that. Hell, he kept Tony Stark out of the Avenger Initiative just for his attitude, for "not playing well with others" think he's going to let a guy who just murdered a bunch of SHIELD agents back into the organization, mind**** or no???

Haven't seen it yet, but everything I've read says that Selvig *is* in a psychiatric institution in TDW. Yes? No?
A magical staff mind controlled well as Selvig...and another SHIELD agent...dude, it wasn't hawkeye doing those things, it was Loki. Also Loki was at the Museum dinner party Hawkeye was somewhere else taking out security guards. And hulk still killed good guys. so if the cops try and arrest me I"m allowed to kill them with no consequences?

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