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Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
The problem that most people seem to have (and I'm not saying you alone) is thinking "We can't have the DONNER Superman today!That Chris Reeve was a nice guy and all,but nobody would buy him today."

But let me tell you where it's at kids: The 70's were (if possible) even more cynical than today.Even Reeve said at the time people can't help but smirk at the line "Truth,Justice & The American Way" but he still says it convincingly. Because Superman is supposed to stand for optimism,even in the most bleak and cynical times.He's the ideal that we strive to follow.

Instead the "modern" Superman has to be brought down to our level.Look!He's as depressed and moody as I am! Hooray!

I don't necessarily feel I should identify with Superman as I should admire him.

It's something that Kevin Smith has brought up.In the same way most modern films approach Jesus.I don't want to see Jesus as the guy next door,brought down to my pitiful level.That's not who He was,so that's not what I want to see.Superman is similar in that respect.He's not defined by what he can't do,but by what he can do.And it's much more than any of us can,that's for sure.
I never really liked the Superman Jesus comparisons. There are alot of similarities but once you get pass the origin stories it is very different. Batman has more Jesus to him than Superman.

Superman is a superpowered being. He fights super villains. Supervillains will impose their physical will on earth. Thats all they need to use. That is how Superman will fight back. With force. That story is not very interesting. So to make the story interesting the challenge must be within. What MOS does is sets a huge mountain for Superman to climb to be the people's champion. He has to gain their trust.

Jesus came here with a mission. The enemy of the people of earth were themselves. It became a battle of philosophy and spirituality. It was a battle for the human soul. Batman is the same. The city of Gotham was corruptted and he wanted to inspire people to stand for their city. Batman's enemies are not superpowered. What they used was tactics philosophy to sway the people to go their way.

Superman is suppose to inspire. I agree. But how can he inspire when most of the time it will be a battle physicality. The people of earth will just say "Hey Supes take care of that guy". What MOS does is make Superman the enemy. Some will defend him but soem wil blame him fr bringing the fight to earth.

I find it inspiring to see how one perseveres to be an inspiration. As one who comes in already the inspiration. Jesus sacrificed his life and went through so much pain. Thats what makes him inspirational. How can Superman be as inspirational as Jesus (as most people think) if Superman does not suffer, and is not persecuted.

Not one time in any of the Superman films has the hero suffered in a matter that was more than just a scuffle versus another.

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