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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Thor's advantages

1. Fighting Skills/Experience - Like you've said Thor's fighting skills and experience far surpass Superman's, plus Thor's strong and invulnerable for it to be a big factor. Even with Supes speed advantage his lack of overall fighting skills would still allow Thor to parry and dodge a few of Supes attacks.

2. Weather Control - Thor's weather control could probably be an even bigger factor than Thor's fighting skills. Thor's lighting is no laughing matter it probably trumps Supes heat vision in overall damage and power output. Besides Thor is very experienced in using it in combat unlike Supes who wasn'tvery efficient in using his heat vision. Aside from lighting Thor has access to other weather abilities such as tornadoes and forming clouds, as seen in Thor 1 he doesn't even need to perform a gesture to summon tornadoes. During the Destroyer fight Thor started forming a tornado right before he flew into the air seeming with his mind, now he does need to use Mjolnir to increase the strength of the winds

3. Mjolnir - With Mjolnir Thor should be able strike as hard as a punch from a Kryptonian, so his blows should atleast be able to send Supes flying and cause him physical pain. So a lightning charge strike fro Mjolnir should be even more damaging than the Kryptonian punches. Not only that but Mjolnir could come into play if Supes manages to over power Thor since it's able to fly on it's own and and it could come up behind Supes knocking him down as Thor gets up and proceed to get the apprehend. In the MCU no one is able to.lift or wield Mjolnir besides Thor or Odin so for the sake of adhering to what we know so far Supes won't be able to. I've heard you say you've think Supes is strong enough to atleast lift it physically and that just doesn't make sense if Avenger Hulk wasn't strong enough to budge why would MOS Supes be able to since he's done nothing to show that he's stronger than Avenger Hulk.

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