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Default Re: Will Hawkeye Still be a Part of SHIELD in AoU?

Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
For once, I actually agree with you. To me there's just too much suggesting Hawkeye won't be an Agent of SHIELD come Age of Ultron. First there's the fact he killed friends and co-workers and nearly took down the Helicarrier which is bad enough on it's own.

Second is he's the odd one out in the roster. The other five have/are all making appearances somewhere in Phase II, even Banner who doesn't have a movie. There's a chance he could cameo in Winter Soldier, but so far we've heard nothing on the Hawkeye front except for his big role in Age of Ultron.

Third, if the rumours and common fan beliefs are true then by the end of Cap 2 our heroes won't be a part of SHIELD anymore and would have gone underground. Hawkeye's friends/comrades/fellow Avengers. Would he stay with an organisation if they were hunting his friends, who he believes to be in the right?

Finally, as stated in my first point he had a God inside his head and forcing him to kill friends and endanger thousands more. That's going to psychologically **** him up. Would he still want to work for SHIELD after that? If I was him, I'd definitely take some time off or leave completely to think things through.

And I'd be right in saying that Hawkeye wasn't always a SHIELD agent in the comics, right? Was he at all in 616?
No, Hawkeye didn't have a thing to do with SHIELD in 616; he was a circus trick-shot artist who became one of the Avengers For Avengers' Sake (like Giant-Man, Wasp, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Wonder Man and plenty of other Avengers who are known only for being Avengers, and not solo artists).

Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
A magical staff mind controlled well as Selvig...and another SHIELD agent...dude, it wasn't hawkeye doing those things, it was Loki. Also Loki was at the Museum dinner party Hawkeye was somewhere else taking out security guards. And hulk still killed good guys. so if the cops try and arrest me I"m allowed to kill them with no consequences?

That depends....are those "cops" actually mercenaries armed to the teeth, who are trying their damnedest to kill you for crimes you didn't commit?

And yes, everyone here, including me, knows full well that Hawkeye was "under the influence." But that doesn't hold up as a legitimate excuse in a court of law. If you're "not in your right mind," for whatever reason --- drugs, booze, insanity, mental retardation, Norse god controlling your mind --- the court takes all that under consideration regarding the question of premeditation. That doesn't address the issue of the penalty for the actual killings at all, though. Again, the charges would probably be lowered to some form of manslaughter, and most certainly wouldn't be labeled Murder One; but there's not a court in the world where Hawkeye wouldn't do at least *a little* jail time for his crimes.

Mental hypnosis, like the insanity plea, *isn't* the "get out of jail free" that opponents like to paint it to be --- you still get sentenced, you still do hard time in a hardcore asylum (not some Dr. Drew Malibu rehab resort), and the shrinks won't play softball on you. They'll make damn sure your brain gets "fixed" before they even think about letting you back out into public.

And it would make a pretty cool scenario for Hawkeye in AOU, anyway. The Avengers leading an actual jailbreak to bust him out of the looney bin, and give him a chance to redeem himself to the world? What's not to like?


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