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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

I liked the character arc for Thor in the first one more, because it was his origin story and it was fun seeing him be a brat. I think we also got more meaty story and emotional depth. However, I am perpetually annoyed at the blockbuster format seemingly mandating that Thor's "learning humility on Midgard" arc be only 3 days, because it made his turnaround seem less realistic, and his romance-across-the-stars with Jane seem like a fleeting crush. I also found while a decent attempt had been made at Loki's character arc, there were parts of it that just seemed a bit inexplicable to me. (The plot felt chopped about.) Also I thought Asgard and the costumes looked less golden fantasy than tacky. Both good movies, I think I prefer the latter one however.

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