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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Okay, okay, good points, but allow me to retort:

1) While Thor did stand up to the Aether, obviously Malekith wasn't using it at anywhere near full potency against him (because if he was and Thor
wasn't destroyed by it, then he's more invulnerable than all the 9 realms put together, which would make it ridiculous that Kurse, or Loki's dagger could harm him - not the illusionary dagger injury, but the stab wound Loki gives him in Avengers).

But that's kind of beside the point, my "knocked out by an Elf" comment was just a fair comeback for that Asthma comment, and who was wielding the Aether....umm, Malekith, who's an Elf, sooooo....

and yes, in the comics Kurse was redesigned by Marvel's worst plot device from the 1980's, the Beyonder (probably the most interesting thing the
Beyonder did, after the first Secret Wars, which was very cool).

2) The knock out.

For some reason you seem very concerned with whether Thor got knocked out by Kurse or not. I freely admit, Supes got knocked out by Faora and the the giant (although recovered within seconds, and got up without a scratch). Thor, of course, does get Knocked out later on in the film, just before the Dark Elf spaceship nearly falls on him.

But if we're really concerned about Thor's fight vs Kurse, I've only seen TDW once, and after Kurse knocked Thor down, it looked like Thor wasn't hitting back (unless he was hitting Kurse's fists with his face).

So how much trouble was Thor in ? I don't think we're going to agree on this one, but something to think about.

It kind of looked to me that if Loki hadn't stepped in, Thor might have been killed. Personally, I think this is a good thing, as we want to feel like our heroes aren't just phoning it in, and actually have to work to overcome their problems.

Anyway, how would this relate to a fight against Superman ? If we're still arguing about who's more invulnerable, Kurse threw a boulder and knocked Thor down, (how would he fare if a kryptonian giant threw a train at him ? Could he take a heat seeking missile full on in the face (while experiencing a painful sensory overload) and not have a scratch ?)

As I said earlier, it's pretty hard to argue Thor is either stronger or more resistant to injury than Superman, but there are a bunch of advantages Thor has that would make it a very interesting fight, and one which (despite being on team Clark) could end in a Thor victory, or a draw, although I strongly feel these are the less likely outcomes (which is why I put the draw option on the poll):

- fighting skills, and experience, that's a big edge to Thor (check out the comic clip the
guy posted earlier)

- lightning attacks, probably would hurt Supes (although how much is debatable, as lightning burned Malekith, but didn't kill him).

-mjolnir is definitely going to hurt supes a bit, as it made an impact on the Hulk.

- allies (Thor rarely fights alone, I reckon Lois Lane could take Jane Foster, but would have no chance against Sif, or the other Avengers for that matter) Supes is generally a one-man show. Even with the JL, he often goes off by himself (and usually ends up getting saved by Batman).

Also, there are ways to win a fight, than just overwhelming power. Batman is a master of beating others by not letting them use their
abilities, or working around them - like against a super strong opponent
he might use a weapon (like gas) that doesn't rely on strength.
If it hasn't been clear I can inform you that I'm not being overly serious with my posts.

Of course he doesn't get attacked by a power level that could destroy the universe. What I said was that it wasn't Malekith's doing, the effect was caused by Thor himself.

As for elves, the general fantasy trope is that old things are strong. The Dark Elves predate the universe so they are looking pretty good.

I'm not concerned about it, I'm just pointing out that you were wrong. He's shown several times in the fight and is always awake, although a bit groggy at times. And of course he was in great danger, Kurse is stronger than Hulk and is laying down a beating. I'm just saying that we still don't know the outcome as Thor is normally pretty good at rising to the occasion when things get dark.

To be more serious about who would win, I don't really know but Thor has probably been depowered a bit more in his movies than Supes was.

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