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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Kal-El.9859 View Post
They pretty much have what I wanted. The Command Key, the Command Key as a keychain and the Codex...and a cool ass ring that I'd probably buy. Can't say I'm disappointed. What more did you want?
Originally Posted by egoing View Post
I'm surprised they didn't do a true prop replica of the Command Key, with a fancy kryptonian display. The only way to get a mass produced 1:1 scale command key is the Hot Toys MOS figure.
Yeah, the command key is pretty disappointing. The mold on it looks pretty soft and it lacks the display case as egoing mentioned. They have better looking knock offs on ebay.

I'll admit the codex was a bit of a surprise and pretty cool looking.

I was really hoping for a shield keychain like the promo ones that were released and like SR has and maybe even some cufflinks -- also like SR has.

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