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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
So how was the film overall, did you enjoy it?
Don't want to spoil anything so I'll be vague. Loved seeing more of Asgard. Looked more habitable than thor 1. Seeing new worlds and aliens was awesome. I really liked it. The movie was a good mixture of sci fi and fantasy.

Originally Posted by Oberon sexton View Post
Likely it was just one of Korg's brethren. They originally fought Thor during his first appearance so it's likely a homage to that. He dressed exactly like him though, a hint at a Planet Hulk film maybe?
Yeah probably just a homage to him. I was gonna make a manip of him but give him his color. Planet hulk would be cool. They might even use beta ray bill like they did in the animated movie, instead of the silver surfer.

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