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Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Gambit is more likely to be used In
1:Sequel to DOFP with remaining FC cast
2;Sequel to DOFP with OT cast

I think 2 Is more likely so they can pair rogue and Gambit together.They will likely fudge the age and have gambit's appearance In origins be one of things changed because of time travel In DOFP.
if rogue and gambit relationship gets put into singers universe i will be very surprised because i doubt we will see relationships like kitty and colossus or even cyclops and emma frost be done, let alone rogue and gambit

truth is he could be used in FC3 with cyclops,jean ect ect as the replacement wolverine for that film, he could be used for X-force to audience draw, again wolverine mark 2

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