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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
^ Because X-Force shouldn't be doing that. They should be going with the Cable, Domino, Cannonball, Boom-Boom and one other cast (whether that is Wolfsbane or Shatterstar). If they swap out Shatterstar/Wolfsbane for say, Psylocke, then fine, no biggie...

Same thing with X-Factor. Pick one of the line-ups and go with it. Oh wait, they can't, because the whole X-Men movie universe is so screwed up. You can't have the original class since two of them are dead and one is a kid compared to the others, and you can't go with Havok since he's also a kid.

Hold off on X-Factor. Do one more X-MEn movie and then reboot! This time do things right, with the actual first class.

Wait, let me get this straight... You're a bigger fan of Rob Liefeld's run than you are of Christopher Yost, Rick Remender or Dennis Hopeless' work on the franchise?

Mind = blown.

IMO, when it comes to X-Force, I'd want to see the sequel feature Fantomex (Sixth Ranger), X-23 (tagalong kid) and Rictor (a second big guy). Things like this are more interesting since it's not just a straight rehash of the comics.

For instance, would The Avengers have been as interesting if Ant-Man and Wasp replaced Captain America and Black Widow just to have "the original" team onscreen? Besides, when it comes to X-Force, Feral was never cool and the only interesting thing about Shatterstar is that he's Rictor's love interest, otherwise, he's a boring generic badass.

That said, I like Tabitha and Cannonball, I just like Rictor and Fantomex better but I wouldn't cry if those two replaced that two that I want to see.

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