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Originally Posted by Skrilla31 View Post
Superman is more than Earth's protector, he is essentially Earth's ambassador. He does more than just fight the alien bad guys. He's also out there forging alliances with other beings and other civilizations on our behalf preventing disaster before it even occurs.

I think both Superman AND Batman share a lot in common with Jesus. They're all here to "save" us in some way or another. And it's not just by beating up bad guys.
I agree. Im more speaking movie wise. It very difficult to be an ambassador of a people when you are not one of them. How do you earn their trust in an origin film. Even in a span of 3 movies that starts with an origin.

It very difficult to cover a 75 history in 2 - 9 hours (sequels). I love the Nolan Batman but its has not covered everything that Batman is.

Batman tried to do do it my example, but it blew up in his face a few times.

My point is when it comes to the vulnerability of people in Gotham its more about corruption via politics, financial, and moral etc.

For the people of Metropolis its ant vs boot at the outset. So the drama must come from within and it would be in bad taste for the hero to solve its inner demons in one film (a la Thor).

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