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Default Re: Will Hawkeye Still be a Part of SHIELD in AoU?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
So SHIELD will let one of their best agents save the world and then let him go to prison because he was mind controlled?

So a lawyer cannot convince a jury that someone who was doing their job and taken complete control of bears no responsibility in the subsequent killings?

Are there even prisons that can hold Hawkeye?

There's just too many ways Hawkeye doesn't end up doing hard jail time. If they do it that way, it's to prove a point, not because it's the natural story.

That said, Hawkeye did kill a lot of people. That's not someone anyone's going to feel comfortable walking down the hall with. Also, he's got a lot on his mind, maybe not as as bad a Selvig, but maybe worse.

What would be glorious? If he ended up retiring quietly and being a circus trick-shooter wearing his 616 costume.
....You know....I really, really like this idea.
Maybe the circus part would be outdated in today's world, but Clint could, I dunno, have a reality TV show about bowhunting and trick shots to show off his expertise.

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
YES, it IS a justification in a court of law. What happened to Hawkeye is not even REMOTELY the same as drinking, or doing drugs, or anything like that. To argue that the situations are even mildly similar is ludicrous. Hawkeye WASN'T mentally ill, he was under mind control. He was perfectly fine after the mind control was removed. Captain America immediately accepted him into the group when Black Widow indicated that he was fine. Also, he wasn't "under the influence" he was under complete mind control by a freaking God wielding a cosmic force of unlimited power. Let me repeat, it's not the same as those other things that you mentioned, AT ALL!!
Yes, dear. We, as an audience, know exactly what happened, and that it's not Hawkeye's fault. In the filmic world, Hawkeye and his lawyers would have one HELL of a hard time convincing a judge and/or jury to swallow such an argument. The DA would demand proof of these phantasmagorical claims of magic and mind control, and would get none. Yes, Loki's a god, yadda yadda, yes, the Cube yadda yadda. None of those powers have been defined or proven or understood in a court of law, or by science, or by laypeople. The DA could easily ask Hawkeye and Selvig why Nick Fury wasn't possessed, nor any of the rest of the SHIELD agents inside the JDEM lab, nor any of the Avengers.

The burden of proof would be on Hawkeye to show that he wasn't in control of his faculties, and the only ball in his legal court is Selvig, who is now madder than a hatter, and whose evidence and testimony would be thrown out as wholly inadmissible.


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