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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Yes I agree that MOS Supes is stronger than Thor, but he's not stronger than TA's Hulk. Name was clear stronger than Supes and even he seemed Hulk level at the most, they both attacked jets very similarly. However Namek's goal was to kill while Hulk's obviously wasn't, plus their leaping ability was about the same as well. But that's not even my main concern, point blank Hulk stopping that deviation with one punch and virtually little to no struggle, MOS Supes struggled with less. Now I will agree that MOS Supes is closer to Hulk's strength than Thor he's still not as strong as the big guy (pretty close though).

Is the collapsing black hole you're referring when Supes caught Lois Lane after sending those Kryptonian into another dimension? If so that isn't much of feat considering a falling Lois Lane wasn't eve. bother by that portal's gravitational pull. And yes Supes resisted the gravity beam but he didn't do so easily and struggled greatly to do so. So he wouldn't be as resilient against Thor's weather powers as you think. Yes Supes heat vision is quite hot, but Thor's lighting has caused more wide scale destruction and operates on a much wider scale than Supes heat vision. Thor's lighting didn't short circuit those space whales that's absurd, it clearly pierced through their bodies causing them to explode due to the power of the blast.

Thor's blow with Mjolnir didn't knocked Hulk out just like Hulk's punch didn't knock Thor out, but it did clearly daze him. So multiple blows like that would've put Hulk to sleep no doubt, not to mention the fact that it wasn't even light charged at the time. Also Thor's fist caused Hulk to spin around 360 degrees and grunt upon impact so I'm sure they can be as effective to a much smaller/lighter Supes. Of course they won't hurt Supes very much, he'll definitely feel pain from them. That's beside the point though because Mjolnir would definitely hurt him and lightning infused strike could KONG him similar to what Namek did to him.

Clearly we are not going to agree on this, but that's cool.

1) Having watched the smalliville battle a few times, I'd have to say that Supes was probably as strong as Nam Ek, given that they trade punches and Supes is actually knocking the bigger guy back, before picking him up and punching him into the train yard, which takes him about a minute to recover from.

I still dispute who's stronger, the Hulk or Superman, as with the oil rig, it wasn't Superman who gave out, but the metal beams he was standing on.
(coincidentally, in the comics Superman has defeated the Hulk, twice)
However, given the Hulk's impressive feats in TA, I would say that the Hulk would be close to MOS Superman.

Again, we're not going to agree on this, but that's cool.

2) I will concede that Thor's lightning is more widespread than heat vision, and could cause more widespread destruction, but without Mjolnir to block it I suspect heat vision would fry Thor.

I agree that lightning would hurt Supes, but would it be enough to stop him ? I don't think so. A lightning infused strike from Mjolnir, maybe could stun supes, but then Thor would have to land that strike.

3) I think you overestimate Thor's invulnerability. We don't see him take anywhere near the punishment Supes takes, and walk away unharmed.

And Supes does much better against opponents who are nearly as strong as him (Zod and Nam EK) than Thor does - the Hulk swats him around and Kurse nearly kills him.
(Faora smacks Supes around, but that's due to her skill and speed, and then he tags her back).

- I take your point about the singularity, and actually it's sloppy film-making that while everything else is being pulled in, Lois is falling, it's a glaring hole -although once Supes catches her, they start getting pulled in. But come on dude, if you're comparing tornado strength winds to a black hole's pull, really one is clearly stronger than the other.

On that note, since Supes breaks the sound barrier numerous times, (in fact he makes it to India from North America in about 2 minutes, which would is covering 7,643 miles in that time. Given that he has to leave the atmosphere to gain the necessary speed, we can assume that
wind/air resistance isn't much of an issue for him. As such, I can't see the tornado being much of a problem, considering Supes can move so much faster.

Thor's lighting infused mjolnir strike is definitely the best chance Thor has.

Like I said in the beginning, I do think that TDW Thor could defeat MOS Superman, in the right circumstances, but that it's less likely than Supes coming out on top.


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