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Default Re: Is Svartalfheim and the other Nine Realms what you expected them to look like?

Even though the film hasn't come out yet in America, but most people have seen it, I thought to bring this thread back up again about if the Nine Realms are what you expected them to look like.

I have seen the film and overall I thought it was great, but not quite a home-run sequel like X-Men 2 or Spider-Man 2 where those sequels took their franchises to another level dramatically, but at the same time it's not an Iron Man 2, X-Men 3 or Spider-Man 3, so it's mid range of the two.

Sometimes my ranking changes slightly depending what mood I'm in, but this is pretty much how I would rank them.
My ranking:

1. The Avengers
2. Iron Man
3. Thor: The Dark World
4. Thor
5. Captain America
6. Iron Man 3
7. The Incredible Hulk
8. Iron Man 2

Anyway... back to the point of the thread.

Asgard: I LOVED Asgard in this film, the design was pretty much perfect, I say pretty much because at times some of the Asgard tech like the laser cannons and the flying skiffs can be a tad out of place at times, but apart from that I love the whole Game of Thrones make-over in some scenes such as showing the streets of Asgard, the taverns, training camps AND THAT FUNERAL SCENE!!!

Vanaheim: Another realm I loved the look of because it was PURE medieval and I really dug it and it looked practical and real because it was shot on location. My only gripe is that I wish we spent longer there, maybe explore their culture more including Hogun's family he stayed behind for etc?

Svartalfheim: I'm a bit torn on what I think about the look of this realm because on one hand it makes sense for the story that it is a barren wasteland because Malekith wants to rebuild it, but on the other hand they could have done a lot more design wise to make it more interesting. It just looks like a simple open landscape with a green colour scheme.

Midgard: Obviously Earth is Earth, there's nothing exactly SPECIAL about it, but I'm glad they got out of that cheap, sound stage looking New Mexico desert town from the first film as London is a better location for the Earth characters this time around to add to the epic feel.

Jotunheim: There's nothing really to say about this realm because we where literally there for about 20 seconds in the final battle and that's it. Design wise it seemed to look the same as the first film, but I was disappointed that we didn't see what happened to the Frost Giants in the first film like who is their new leader (Ymir?). What I did like though is seeing that Frost creature again and Malekith being on Jotunheim is a little Easter Egg because of The Casket of Ancient Winters.

Muspelheim: This is the one I am most disappointed by. We saw a glimpse of Muspelheim in the final battle when the realms where aligning, but the film missed a good opportunity with Surtur set-up especially when you have Malekith in the film who teams up with Surtur in the comics. Also you could have easily set him up because they have the Eternal Flame in Odin's Vault to set up the Ragnarok storyline, so I think the filmmakers missed out on a great opportunity with stuff like this.

And as for the others: Alfheim, Hel/Niffleheim and Nidavellir, we didn't get to see them.

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