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Default Re: The next Wolverine film?

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
Bring it on baby. They got 7-10 years to fill gaps between the trilogy and DoFP. Maybe it would take place in the corrected timeline and show how Wolverine gets his adamantium again. Just kidding... or am I?

How to make it not seem redundant? I don't know. Maybe the Russians and the rest of the UN are working on the Sentinels in secrecey, and Omega Red is sort of overseeing some stuff. I'd also bring back Deadpool. Would you combine it with FC 3? I don't think McAvoy and Fassabender are old enough to recruit Jean and Scott given their ages. You could do a Soviet angle set in the 70's or early 80's. You have the 1973 roster plus some added faces, versus the real Deadpool/Omega Red and even Sabertooth. Interesting.

i agree. basically we have a bone claws wolverine left behind in DOFP after future wolverine returns to the future.

so i think they should show how wolverine got his adamantium again without making it redundant. i agree.

we are introduced to a young william stryker right? so now we can see how wolverine met stryker and finally retcon x-men orgins for good. Do a more accurate reinactment of the weapon x procdure that we saw in those flashbacks.

but they need to do it in a way that makes it cool and not redundant.

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